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Solved: Solve The Given System Of DEs By Systematic Elimination. Assume The Independent Variable Is T. Pls Write The Solution In Detail, I Want To Figure Out How To Do This Kind Of Question Instead Of

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Solve the given system of DEs by systematic elimination. Assume the independent variable is t.

pls write the solution in detail, I want to figure out how to do this kind of question instead of just knowing the answer3. 4y e dt2 d2y et dt2 4 - y/ = t x6 y+ 6y = 5

3. 4y e dt2 d2y et dt2 4 " - y/ = t x6 y+ 6y = 5

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Given d^2 x/dt^2 = 4y + e^t, d^2 y/dt^2 = 4 x - e^t implies D^2 x - 4y = e^t D^2 y = 4x - e^t D^2 x - 4y = e^t 4x - D^2 y = e^now (1) times d impli

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