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Solved: Please Answer With A Paragraph-length Post For These Short Answer Questions. Generally The Question Will Require You To Answer A Question And Back It Up With Some Kind Of Explanation. Question

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Please answer with a paragraph-length post for these short answer questions. Generally the question will require you to answer a question and back it up with some kind of explanation.

Question: In the modern age we rely on access to the internet and cellphones every day. However, these technologies all rely on the use of specific elements that are uncommon near the Earth’s surface and can only be mined in sufficient quantities from particularly rich mineral deposits. While you may have heard of conflict diamonds there is also less well-known and more pervasive conflict mineral of coltan, which contains the element tantalum for use in almost all electronic devices. I doubt anyone will want to defend the practice of sourcing coltan from conflict zones but I am asking you to think about what you would be willing to do in order to make sure your products were not conflict minerals. Would you be willing to pay more (double?, triple?)? Would you travel an extra hour to buy a guaranteed product?

Here is a good article that talks about this issue:

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Im in the favour of going an extra mile or paying a bit more for have gadgets free from the materials from the war zone because evenif we see this problem in an economic framework for a longerter

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