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Solved: Investigate a Topic on Digital Forensics Similar to the One Listed Below, then Submit a Report

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College of Technological Innovation
SEC435: Digital Forensics Foundations

Course Project (25%)

Investigate a topic on digital forensics similar to the one listed below, then submit a report. 

  1. Investigate a topic on digital forensics:

Identify a topic of your interest, a sample list is shown below, the task is to explore the selected topic from various aspects and present the finding and acquired knowledge with the classmates and the instructor.


  • Report 1000-2000 words
  • References should be APA style 


The project is evaluated as follow:

Demo/presentation and Q &A (60%): dedication, enthusiasm, involvement 

Report (40%): prepare a high-quality report dedication, enthusiasm, involvement 


  1. Small-scale digital devices forensics (health wearables, google glass, smart toys, gaming consoles)
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) Forensics
  3. Forensic investigation in a smart city 
  4. Forensic processes and procedures
  5. Digital Forensic: challenges and common practices
  6. Network and log forensics
  7. Memory forensics
  8. Forensic Investigation of Gaming Consoles: XBOX ONE, PS3 and PS4
  9. Role of Big Data in forensic analysis
  10. Digital forensics and cyber stalking and cyberbullying
  11. 1Steganalysis

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About two and half quintillion bytes of data are created day by day due to the availability of internet and emergence of internet of things. This huge chunks of data are generated by social media, search engines, payment transactions and weather forecasts. Processing this huge amount of data using database management system is becoming impossible. It is also becoming difficult to store this data in proper manner and also keeping it secure........


Big Data refers to extremely gigantic volume of data sets that can be analyzed by use of computational methods to show patterns and trends. This data is too complex and too large for traditional database systems to store and process. This data cannot be measured in terms of gigabytes or even terabytes. It can be measured probably in petabytes......

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