establishment and function of the United States Cyber Command

Explain the establishment and function of the United States Cyber Command.  Summarize your personal cyber security practices, and make an argument for whether or not your electronic data are secure.  Define spear-phishing attacks, and explain how you or someone you know has been targeted.  Summarize how Google uncovered evidence of one of the most extensive and far-reaching campaigns of cyber espionage in United States history. 300 words required 

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The united states cyber command is a unit in the united states military that has the responsibility of monitoring and managing the cybersecurity and cyberspace operations of the government, military, and related internet operations (Patacsil, 2014, p. 19). The unit was established by in 2009 at the headquarters of the national security agency to become one of the ten unified commands of the country's department of defence. 

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