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Solved: Find An Equation Of The Ellipse With Center (4,3), Passing Through The Point (2,3), And Tangent To A Coordinate Axis. Find The Length Of The Latus Rectum. Graph. (Label Vertices) 2.)

Find an equation of the ellipse with center (4,3), passing through the point (2,3), and tangent to a coordinate axis. Find the length of the latus rectum. Graph. (Label vertices) 2.)

Solved: Surnace Area. Oalb SnE 34. A Cylinder Has A Surface Area Of 301.6 Square Meters. Find The Diameter Of The Base If The Cylinder Is 8 Meters Tall.

Surnace area. Oalb snE 34. A cylinder has a surface area of 301.6 square meters. Find the diameter of the base if the cylinder is 8 meters tall.

Solved: 27. CS A 42 C S T The Two Right Rectangular Prisms Shown At The Right Are Similar. 3 In. 2 In. 20. Find The Ratio Of The Perimeters Of The Bases. 29. The Figue At The Right Shows Two Squares.

27. CS A 42 C S T The two right rectangular prisms shown at the right are similar. 3 in. 2 in. 20. Find the ratio of the perimeters of the bases. 29. The figue at the right shows two squares. Determine the value of s if the shaded part is 75% of the area of the figure. S 12 cm